The Desires of Your Heart

It is truly amazing to experience things that you never thought would come to fruition! It is a feeling that will knock you right off of your feet and slap you with an, “I told you so.” All the while, you sit there with a look of disbelief, tears of joy, and/or of relief.

Recently, I experienced all of these emotions…actually, I am still processing everything because I am finally a homeowner! This is a very big step when it comes to “adulting” and I feel every bit of responsibility trickling down, but it is still very exciting. It has truly been a lesson in my life and it has taught me just how powerful thoughts and words can be and most of all, timing. Purchasing a home was something that I have wanted to accomplish for approximately three years and let’s face it, three years seems like forever when you want things at that very moment. However, three years ago, it was clearly not my time. Sure I was upset and I did not understand why I was stuck in a small apartment, instead of a house that I put an offer on, which was accepted! Needless to say, events occurred that forced me to choose to walk away and looking back, I’m glad I did!

However, I never gave up the idea of being a homeowner and I wrote it down in my book of Aspirations, Positive Thoughts, and God’s Word. I made a list, which included a number of things that I desired to accomplish along with being a homeowner. I prayed over my list and I looked over my list to check things off that were accomplished or to remind myself of what my goals were. It felt extremely rewarding to check a goal off and of course, set a new one. The best thing about it was I no longer paid attention to how long it took…talk about progress! In these past three years, I realized that my time table is not always realistic, but it does not mean that I should give up on my desires and you shouldn’t either.

As I mentioned before, I wrote those goals and desires down and I even went as far as to answer why I wanted them to happen for me. If you can answer your why you want things to happen for you, then you are entering a point of being honest with yourself. If you cannot answer your why, then it may mean it’s not your time or maybe it is not for you at all. On the other hand, after writing it down and answering your why, the most amazing part still has to occur and that is being bold enough to put it out there in the atmosphere. Whether you pray about it or just speak it into existence, it has to have a bit of faith behind it. You cannot ask for something you want with an “I think” on the end. You have to ask and claim it as if it has already occurred. Now this is a practice, I still need practice with! However, I can assure you it is real, especially if it all comes from the heart.


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