The Day is Finally Here!!

The day is finally here! You are able to preorder The Pieces of My Heart! The first 50 people to preorder will receive signed paperback books and the first 25 people to preorder will also receive a free gift! Go to and click on the Buy Now button to order your copy today!

*Ebooks will be available to preorder soon!


Imagine a heart that has been shattered into pieces, broken, and unable to beat due to years of anger, pain, and despair. Biologically, the heart is constructed of four chambers. For my heart, those chambers hold pain, confusion, the inability to forgive, and so many questions of who I am and what my purpose is in life. Struggles with forgiveness, patience, love, and knowing one’s purpose are only a glimpse of what the heart entails. These struggles are powerful and can break your heart into pieces or fuse it together with a strength that can persevere through any challenge that your heart may face.

If you are dealing with issues in your heart and have finally decided to take the first step to pick up and put together its pieces, then you are ready for the journey. Although your heartbeat is what lets you know that you are still living, you can only experience life if your heart is in harmony with your mind, body, and spirit. The Pieces of My Heart wants to offer that connection and allow you to look within yourself to reflect, transform, and self-motivate. My hope is that you may continue your journey and live life the way it was designed just for you. 

Visit the website to read readers’ reviews and to order your signed paperback book!


2 thoughts on “The Day is Finally Here!!

  1. Keisha! Your book is so beautiful (It’s literally really pretty lol) and amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. I’m looking forward to more from you! Much Love – Val Pugh-Love


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