Facing Your Fears

Around February of last year, I posted a topic on my blog titled Fear. In it I discussed the idea of living a life where you are consumed with fear, to the point that the fictitious concept begins to take control of your life. After experiencing many bouts of health issues related to my heart, I was too anxious and honestly, paranoid to live.

During that time, my fears were holding me captive and I was too afraid to do everyday things, including driving far away from my home. Instead, I played it safe by being close to home or near a hospital, just in case something were to happen. Now just imagine how I would feel about traveling by plane or any other mode of transportation. Terrified! Just the thought of getting on a plane raised my anxiety level, so I told myself that would be impossible for me. However, I always dreamed of traveling to countries or at the very least going to the West Coast. Meanwhile, I was struggling with making a three and a half hour trip back home to visit family and friends!

I knew the day was going to come when I would have to get on a plane and that day occurred over the weekend. I had to go Georgia for a wedding, which I was not going to miss for the world. However, when I booked the ticket, something came over me. All of those feelings and past experiences tried to flood my memory, but I did not allow them to. Once it was time to go to the airport, it happened again, except this time my heart felt like it was racing (it wasn’t though) and my palms began to sweat. When I was finally seated I could not sit still. I kept fidgeting with my headphones, my purse, and I think I had to take a couple of deep breaths. Then I looked around at everyone else and I noticed how calm they were and I suddenly wanted to be like them. Calm.

After some time I was able to talk myself down and I began to think that God has me. I knew I was going to be at the wedding so nothing was going to happen. Although unexpected incidences occur, something just told me “Not today”. Eventually, I was able to calm myself down and coincidentally, we were about to land! However, I was able to make the process a lot smoother on my return flight. If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, my fear (one of a few) does not apply you, that is okay because this is definitely not about a plane ride. This is about an example of me making the decision to face my fear and say, “Not today”.

Your fear may be of heights, public speaking, living alone, or just stepping out on faith with something new. You can’t allow your fear to take over no matter how scary it may feel. The enemy wants you to become so afraid that you will be unable to reach your highest potential, which includes living in your purpose. Although traveling may be a small matter, I have to think that it is only apart of something bigger. What if my dream job is in California or an opportunity of a lifetime is presented to me where I will have to visit another country? It may seem far-fetched, but nothing is ever unthinkable when it comes to faith. With faith you are able to move forward even if uncertainties try to hold you back. In the end, it is best to face your fears, whatever they may be and remind yourself that your fears will not be able to control your today.


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