The Revelation of 30

Before I reached the all so often dreadful milestone of turning 30, my back started to ache (out of nowhere) causing me to miss work, my vision had definitely changed for the worse, and last but not least, grey hair begun to show itself in my hair! If that was what 30 entailed, I certainly understood why many women have meltdowns, deny that they are in fact 30, and believe that they are officially old and time is ticking for marriage and babies.

However, I did not have a meltdown, I have not denied my age (not even once, even though the idea of being 30 sounds a little funny still), and I certainly do not feel the pressure to get married and have babies…well at least not a ton of pressure. Instead, I was able to gracefully welcome 30 with open arms and a feeling of excitement. I honestly thought to myself, goodbye 20’s and hello 30’s. Unfortunately, I have been through a lot in my 20’s and even though many of the events were painful, physically and emotionally, they taught me so much about myself and actually pushed me to begin writing. I have no idea as to why all of the bad relationships and not so smart choices, even the ones I could have undoubtedly avoided, happened, but they did. And yes they can be hard to accept at times, but they all led me to the life I live now, including, sitting in front of my laptop sharing my perspective about pain, negativity, forgiveness, and self-love. If someone told me ten years ago, let alone five, that I would have a blog where I share my life stories, I would laugh in disbelief! Me? The shy girl who has had low self-esteem, with very little confidence, writing and sharing about her life, in hopes that at least one person would reflect on their own lives and perhaps, make some changes. Never!

Well, it is quite clear that I should never say never and you should not either. Who knows what life will throw at you, because majority of the time, it is surely a mystery. On the other hand, it is safe to say that every decade can bring about a new journey with new people, new jobs, new perspectives, and new talents you never thought you had. These are all things that are sure to come with every new year and decade, but if you think about it, they seem to outweigh the bad. The potential aches and pains, increased doctor visits, and slower metabolism are all possible, but you increasing in wisdom and understanding, surpasses the physical effects that comes with age. Your thought process begins to change, well at least for some of us, and there is a bit of clarity that you begin to have about certain situations and once you begin saying, “If I knew then what I know now,” it’s official…you are growing up. However, if you did knew then, what you know now, you wouldn’t be you.

So celebrate! All of those not so proud moments worked out just fine. You are who you are because of them. And for those situations that you cannot absolutely get over, realize you made it through because you have a lifetime to go to make different mistakes and encounter new issues, but do not forget you are on the journey to find you and love you more. So for me, 30 is not the age of unhappiness, but the age of hopefulness. Be hopeful for clarity, patience, peace, but most importantly wisdom.



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