Who are You Sowing Into

Throughout the time I have been posting on my blog, I have always focused on self-healing, self-motivating, and self-reflecting topics. However, I have started to notice as I continue to work on myself, people not only notice and are attracted to the person I am becoming, but they are interested in who I am and what I have to say. Not only that, but people want to engage in conversations about experiences in life that I never thought I would be sharing advice about!

As I began reflecting about this surprising reality, I suddenly became afraid. I think about the conversations I had with people varying in different ages, even some older, and I think about their responses. At times these conversations seem to be surreal and it is as if I was placed there for a specific reason. Have you ever felt certain situations were destined to occur? Sometimes that can seem out of the ordinary and you may not know how to respond, but somehow, the words seem to flow out naturally and after you are done, all you can say is…wow. Anyway, that is usually my response.

To take this a little further, I came to the conclusion that these are the moments that we are being sown into. Not quite sure of what I mean? Well, it is sometimes in those moments when you cannot explain how or why they happen, but you know they were for a reason and you leave feeling like you gained something or you were the person who sowed or planted something that the other person needed to hear. Whether you gained or gave, you feel a sense of completion because it seems to be a rush of confirmation that goes through you.

On a previous post, I have a quote that discusses how our children are mimicking adult lives in grown bodies, but we know more than often, their impersonation falls short. Life is real and “it comes at you fast” and our children (emphasis on our because although I do not have any children yet, I do feel a sense of responsibility) are straying away and to be honest, some of us adults are to. If you asked where are they straying away to, turn on your tv or scroll through any social media site and you will find your answer.

I suggest that you think about your experiences and what you learned from them or what you wished you had known during that time. Just imagine how helpful that would be to someone else, but only if it is warranted of course. I know you are probably asking, but who is going to want to listen to me? I think you may be surprised because if they are interested in what they see in you, they are definitely going to listen to what you have to say. So congratulations, you at least look like you have something meaningful to say, even when you do not think you do. In the end, you should never stop working on yourself, but when those opportunities arise for you to pour into someone else, do so. After all, your work may not only benefit you.


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