Quiet Unusual Thought #1: Who is She?

A few weeks ago I had someone address me as “she”. My first thought was, “Who is she?” and as I sat there, they seemed to act as if they did not know who “she” was until someone informed them. It was pretty obvious that it was some shade being thrown, however, it was not the time or the place. Also, the persons throwing the shade weren’t…to put it lightly…worth my attention. As an adult, I have to remind myself that everyone does not grow up and know how to handle certain people they encounter. It’s that simple, but here is where I went wrong about the situation. I let my feelings get involved and I started to tell myself that they did not like me and I began to wonder why. I have always been someone who wanted to ensure that people saw me as someone who was kind and trustworthy and that they viewed me as a friend or at least an associate. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and I finally am okay with it. Note to self, you can’t be a friend to everyone and at times “small talk by the water cooler” may have to be avoided.


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