Trying Something New

Whenever I hear, “What’s on your mind?” or “What are you thinking about?”, I feel like my brain shuts down and I can rarely seem to recall the last thing that crossed my mind, so the only logical response I can come up with is, “Nothing.” or the occasional, “I’m thinking about some of everything!”.

thoughts-have-power_p1622004 (1)

So, in order to remedy those random “nothing” responses, I am going to do what I do best…write about it. These little thoughts may be about anything, but I will be sure to not share too much…you can’t know everything! However, I believe writing down my thoughts and releasing them into the cyber world will be interesting. It’s kind of like my personal twitter, but with an endless word count (which will be great because I am currently locked out of my twitter :/).

So here goes nothing. In addition to my biweekly posts, which I put more thought into sharing, I hope you enjoy My Quiet Unusual Thoughts.



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