Who Has Been Blogging for a Year…Me!

Mama I made it, lol! I reached one year of blogging and I must say, I am very excited. I have been able to stick it out and remain consistent (for the most part, life is real)! I am currently holding myself accountable and I want to keep this going and I have received nothing but positive feedback and more views than I ever thought I would. There are so many great bloggers, sites, and topics out there in the cyber world, but you decided to click on The Ways of My Heart and all I can say is a huge THANK YOU!! It is very exciting to see viewers from around the world checking out my blog, including Brazil, Germany, Kenya, and Nigera, plus more. I hope that you continue to visit my site and read, share and enjoy!

With Love,

Keisha J.


Random Thought: The Next Generation


Unfortunately, I see this time and time again. Children who believe that they are equipped to handle everything that the world has to offer. And because their young minds cannot process everything around them, they end up being involved in situations that are far beyond what they need to be exposed to and it is very hard for them to come back from. As adults, we cannot turn away from them because “that’s not my child”. Invest in a young lady who believes that the only way for her to feel loved and important is through what she has to offer physically. Devote some of your time to a young man that believes it’s cool to demean a young lady because that’s all he’s seen. They are kings and queens to be. Tell them that and more importantly, show them by being an example.

Be on the look out for, “Who are You Sowing Into”.

Quiet Unusual Thought #1: Who is She?

A few weeks ago I had someone address me as “she”. My first thought was, “Who is she?” and as I sat there, they seemed to act as if they did not know who “she” was until someone informed them. It was pretty obvious that it was some shade being thrown, however, it was not the time or the place. Also, the persons throwing the shade weren’t…to put it lightly…worth my attention. As an adult, I have to remind myself that everyone does not grow up and know how to handle certain people they encounter. It’s that simple, but here is where I went wrong about the situation. I let my feelings get involved and I started to tell myself that they did not like me and I began to wonder why. I have always been someone who wanted to ensure that people saw me as someone who was kind and trustworthy and that they viewed me as a friend or at least an associate. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and I finally am okay with it. Note to self, you can’t be a friend to everyone and at times “small talk by the water cooler” may have to be avoided.

Trying Something New

Whenever I hear, “What’s on your mind?” or “What are you thinking about?”, I feel like my brain shuts down and I can rarely seem to recall the last thing that crossed my mind, so the only logical response I can come up with is, “Nothing.” or the occasional, “I’m thinking about some of everything!”.

thoughts-have-power_p1622004 (1)

So, in order to remedy those random “nothing” responses, I am going to do what I do best…write about it. These little thoughts may be about anything, but I will be sure to not share too much…you can’t know everything! However, I believe writing down my thoughts and releasing them into the cyber world will be interesting. It’s kind of like my personal twitter, but with an endless word count (which will be great because I am currently locked out of my twitter :/).

So here goes nothing. In addition to my biweekly posts, which I put more thought into sharing, I hope you enjoy My Quiet Unusual Thoughts.


Not Looking Like What You Been Through


I recently saw this quote on one of my social media feeds and I instantly saved it.  What drew my attention was, “…you can go through things, still hold your head high and come out on top ALL while looking like you never went through anything in your life.” This resonated with me because I know I look nothing like what I have been through.

It is quite surprising to know the pain and difficulty I have gone through in my 20’s and I am still here and learning from it all. I have had disappointments, downfalls, and dead ends, but I am here and I am stronger than I have ever felt before.  Of course, I think about if this feeling will end or what’s going to happen next, but I have to remind myself to continue to look up and remember that having a spirit of fear is nonexistent.

Now as for the haters, I tend to think that I do not have any, but even if I do, hopefully they will be able to learn a thing or two if they decide to remain focused on me and what I am accomplishing and apply it to their lives.  However, if you are in fact having issues with so called haters, I have learned it is best to remain focused on your destination.  To be a hater is almost the same as the enemy and the enemy is always trying to deter you  from becoming your best because they have failed to rise to the expectations they have set for themselves. They may talk about you, begin rumors, or try to discourage you from moving forward with your goals, which is why you must be careful who you share your dreams and your passion with. You never know, your enemy may be a phone call away, in the next office, or maybe even in your church…they can be anywhere!

Regardless of who those haters are and wherever they seem to lurk, take pride in yourself knowing that you are headed to the top. Be confident and embrace that you look like you never went through anything in your life!