New Year, New Introduction

Now that we all have a fresh start, a renewed perspective, and new goals in our lives, I figured it would be fitting to have a new introduction to my blog! When I began my blog in March 2015, I initially thought that I would post a few topics about my personal experiences to receive some feedback about my writing. I definitely had no expectations when I began, so I was extremely surprised when people began reading and commenting. This gave me a push to continue to write about some of my personal experiences that covered forgiveness, patience, thinking negatively, and bitterness. After a few months, I continued to write because it was healing for me and although journaling can essentially do the same thing, I really wanted to share what was on my heart in hopes to have others contemplate on their own issues and experiences and making any necessary changes. My goal is to continue posting and advancing my blog to promote my upcoming book, The Pieces of My Heart, expected to be released in Spring 2016. Although I write mainly for young women, I never want to limit my blog, so if you are interested, please continue to support! I am more than excited to see where this not only takes me, but where this takes you with your thought process as well as conversation starters! I am always interested in your feedback and I enjoy reading your comments. Lastly, I look forward to what 2016 has to offer in the future and I am excited about having a successful blogging year. I wish you all the best and as always, read, share, and enjoy!



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