Giving Thanks to You

After creating The Ways of My Heart in March of this year, I did not exactly know what would happen.  I was sitting on my couch and I decided to write a blog because I believed I had something meaningful to share and if I was able to help one person reflect on situations and circumstances in their life in order to change for the better, I would be content. However, I was not prepared for the daily growing views, comments, tagged favorites, and people across the world viewing my blog and liking it!  Thank you to all who has read, shared, and enjoyed my blog.  Because of you all, my desire to become an author has increased and now I plan to work even harder (I just need to remain focused :/) to write a book for readers to enjoy.  My prayer is that my words will be moving and powerful to make not only you a better person, but myself as well.  I am constantly growing and learning more about myself and I encourage you to do the same.  Thank you all so much for your support and even your clicks on my blog.  Please enjoy the rest of 2015 and look forward to all that 2016 has to offer!





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