Just in Time for the Holidays

The holidays always seem to bring out the best in us, well the most of us…we all know at least one grinch, but despite those people, the holidays, in my opinion, are meant to be a time for family and friends and doing good for others.  It is very easy to be bombarded with buying gifts, decorations, and let’s not forget the New Year’s parties and gatherings.  Yet, the holiday season is more than the materialistic point of view that society portrays it to be.  Regardless if you believe in Christ being born or putting up a Christmas tree, the holiday season still has its importance.

Many may argue that this should not be the only time when we show kindness to others by giving back or buying gifts just because December is labeled as the season to give, and I agree.  We should be able to give back to our communities year round and display an act of kindness to show someone we care and are thinking about them.  This can be as simple as buying your loved one their favorite thing to serving at your local shelter. Let this holiday season serve as the starting point for being more active and thoughtful all throughout the year.

Not only does the holiday season bring on the spirit for giving, but spending time with family and friends has significance as well. For example, I am currently three hours away from close family and friends and it is often difficult to make time throughout the year to be with them, so the holiday season gives me the freedom that I need to visit them. However, I sometimes feel guilty because I allow my schedule to come before my loved ones.  So I think about how I can include my family and friends more in my day to day, but my plans do not always come to life.  I have felt guilty for not calling as much as I should, even though I know in my heart I care and think about them all the time.  I eventually end up being hard on myself and questioning myself if I am doing all that I can to stay in touch.  Nevertheless, when I have this time during the holidays, I always plan to take full advantage and if you currently feel the way that I do now, you should too.

Overall, the holiday season is to not only celebrate the common traditions, but about you, your family, and your love for giving.  Take advantage of this time to be with the ones you love and begin to make it a habit to be a blessing to someone else in need.  I strongly believe that if you enter the new year with a heart of giving, you will have a year of many blessings and prosperity.

Have a joyous and blessed holiday.



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