Giving Thanks

Now that you are finally seeing the end of the Thanksgiving leftovers and the out of town family has officially left the state, did you ever reflect on the things that you are truly thankful for and give thanks?  After all, it is quite easy to become more concerned with who is bringing what dish and where they will be staying versus reflecting on all that you have defeated and what you currently have.

After the holiday wore off, I immediately began to do some reflecting.  Besides, it is getting close to the end of the year and this is the time people begin to make their New Year’s Resolution, To Do List, and this is also a time when people start to say things like, “Next year will be a better year for me.” or “Beginning January 1st, I will start doing (insert some common New Year’s goal here).”  However, I do not believe it is good practice to somewhat erase your past year’s events because, good or bad, they all had an affect on you.  If that is hard to comprehend and all you can think about is the negative, think about who you have become since that incident or those incidents occurred.  In my opinion, you are either stagnant (in the same place you were before), worse off, or better off.  Hopefully it is the latter.

Unfortunately, being better off is not always the case for all of us all the time, but that is perfectly okay, because you still have the option of looking at the glass as half full versus half empty.  Don’t believe me?  Well, you have breath in your body, so it is safe to say you are still living.  You are able to make some decisions for yourself and if you think your life is just terrible, at least you have access to the internet.  Everything is on the internet, plus you have the ability to read this and I am truly thankful!  In all seriousness, regardless of how bleak things may look currently, be thankful you made it this far!  That is truly a blessing and no one or any circumstance can take that away from you, so own it.

While you reflect on your year’s roadblocks, pitfalls, highs, and lows, think about all that you have gained.  I am sure there are many losses, but what you gained outweighs the losses every time.  You may have gained a friend, discovered your niche, tried something new, been pushed into a situation that was uncomfortable, but somehow got through it…the list is endless.  The bottom line is, you made it!  In conclusion, giving thanks goes beyond the roof over our heads, cars to drive, and food on our table.  Although they are not to be taken for granted, your life and your experiences should not be taken for granted as well.  After all, giving thanks for everything reveals paths to new and unexpected blessings.



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