Living with Regrets

In our lives, we have to make daily choices. For some choices we make, we have asked for advice and thought it through. However, there are some choices we make without considering the consequences and unfortunately end up suffering those very same consequences. I am certain that you have made mistakes in your life that you regret, I know I have, but what do you do with those regrets? Do you let your disappointments determine your current and future situations? If you do, you have to learn how to look at your regrets as choices that develop positive outcomes. After all, would you be the same person you are today if you had not made those mistakes?

Now, I am very sure if you could have a chance to erase your top five mistakes you have made in your past, you would not hesitate. I know it is at least one incident I would love to get rid of in my life, however, that is not how life works. Instead, you have to learn how to live with your mistakes either by accepting them, letting them go versus holding on to them as dead weight, and/or realizing that they are what shaped you into the unique person you are today…I know it may be difficult to interpret. How could those terrible and unfortunate situations that you try your best to forget, but somehow they continue to haunt your mind, make you into the person you see before you everyday?

After being tired of beating myself up about my horrible decisions, l asked myself how would l move past living with my regrets. It was clear to me that l had to accept what l did, because after all, l chose to do it. I also reflected on those times and it appeared that l always had an option. I could have chosen to do something else, but l chose to take the route that was not the best for me at that time. Then l thought about how my experiences would have changed me if l did not make those regrettable decisions. Would l be the same person l am today? Would l be able to endure some of life’s difficulties that l have to face? After much thought, l came to the conclusion that l would not have been prepared for the trials l have faced, as well as those to come.

Instead of viewing your regrets as “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s”, admit to them and say “I did”. Hopefully you learned from your mistakes and accept that you are wired to make mistakes, but also have the ability to learn from them and move on. I believe our paths have already been chosen for us, but as long as we have an option, we will at times go left when we should go right, but that is okay. Ultimately, life’s circumstances, even your regrets, develop you into the king or queen that life has planned for you to be.


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