Transparency is Key

Having the ability to communicate, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable elements you should be able to display in any type of relationship.  Being transparent is sometimes a scary endeavor, especially in relationships, old or new.  I believe transparency is something that we often have to learn how to do and discern when it should be implemented, because after all, you do not want to reveal too much to make yourself easy to be taken advantage of or make yourself easy to walk away from.

The word transparent can be described as something to easily detect or see through.  Just thinking about the definition may leave you wondering why you would want to make this a habit in your life.  As soon as I read the definition, I immediately thought of weakness and being in a fragile state.  However, being transparent is not that at all because you have to possess control over what you are willing to share and when you will be able to share with other people.  I find that it takes your ability to trust yourself and to recognize when it is safe to express who you are.  I believe it is a learned habit that can be learned in the environment you grew up in or just through life experiences.  For example, you may know someone or may be that someone who has no problem holding their tongue when it comes to their business or anyone else’s for that matter.  It comes natural to them to express how they feel or to “be 100” in almost any situation.  On the other hand, you may know someone who is on the opposite end of the spectrum and has difficulty expressing their concerns or who they are.  Let me tell you, that is a difficult place to be in.

For me, learning how to be transparent was pretty much like the last straw.  I finally realized suppressing how I felt and hiding who I was, was how I ignored many things about myself and put other people’s perception about me first.  It got to the point where I did not care any longer because I was in a position where I had to be honest with myself, which was not easy for me.  Eventually, after working through some internal obstacles, it started to become less complicated and I believe it has helped me with making better choices and has allowed to be more of an authentic person.  In my opinion, once you grasp the art of transparency, other good habits will form, particularly if you do not possess these habits, such as being observant, trusting, honest, and having the power of discernment.  All of these traits are powerful and worth having.

Instead of thinking of transparency as a negative, I hope that it is something that you strive to gain as a positive trait about you.  It may be difficult at first, but as you continue it will get better over time.  It will be refreshing to be someone who is original, open, and slightly vulnerable, which is perfectly okay.  Overall, there can only be one you, so why not show the best you that you have to offer.


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