Accepting Your Truth

Have you ever thought about your life and wanted to change some of your decisions, take back some things you may have said to someone, perhaps change your appearance, or maybe thought of the extreme, starting all over again?  Well, we all know there is no way to go back into the past to “fix”  mistakes and situations in our lives.  Instead, we have to accept them and move on with our reality.  Although it can be a little difficult at times, accepting your truth is the only way you will be comfortable with who you really are.

It is very rare that I discuss social media in my posts, but for this topic in particular, I am going to use it as examples because I believe it will be easy to relate to and visualize.  Majority of us are on some form of social media where we can share videos, pictures, or minute by minute updates about our thoughts and what we are doing…which may be nothing of any importance.  I believe social media serves as a means for us to connect and stay connected with people we know and do not know, while having control over how people perceive us without talking to or seeing us face to face.  Due to this type of interaction, we are able to manipulate, disguise, and even create our lives and present them to the world or our timeline, even when it is a lie.  Why would someone want to create something that is not really them or leave out the parts about themselves that they believe are not as appealing?  Well, it may be because they are not comfortable with their true selves.  It can be difficult to be comfortable with your reality when you have gone through so much that you feel as if your situation(s) are so unique that no one will understand.  Or perhaps, you believe that no one will accept you because you do not look like everyone else, so you manipulate, conceal and construct a new image of yourself.

Before I move on, it is not only on social media where you will find these versions of people, but they are on their job, in their community, and even in their place of worship.  However, this is not how you should perceive yourself to be.  In order to accept your truth, you must first let go of your past, which I discuss further in my post, Releasing Your Past.  Once you are able to leave those parts of you in the past, take responsibility and understand that they made you who you are today.  There should not be any reason for you to feel ashamed, believe you have to hide yourself behind a fabricated version of yourself, or only reveal what seems appealing.  Everyone’s life is not always captivating.  We all have our unique issues that make us just that…unique.

When you are able to accept that you are uniquely made, there may be little to no reason why you may feel you have to hide behind something you are not.  Will everyone understand and accept you for you?  Of course not, but that is okay.  I believe that everyone is not supposed to and once you reach that revelation, it becomes easier to be you.  All in all, accepting your truth is going beyond the surface and may take some serious effort, but after all, aren’t you worth it?


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