Living Your New Normal

What is a “new normal” you ask?  Well, maybe you have experienced something that was extremely difficult and after making it through the traumatic experience, your life has never been quite the same.  For example, losing a mother or father, being involved in a life threatening experience, or a health scare are all situations that can definitely change the way you view and live your life.  However, it is up to you to determine how you will continue your life.

In my opinion, there are two ways you can live your life after a traumatic experience.  The first one is to not continue to live and by that, I do not mean ending your life, although you may feel that way and unfortunately, some choose that route.  However, I am specifically talking about living with no purpose.  You may wake up as if it is just another day and succumb to a mundane daily routine and eventually, miss out on all of the beautiful and exciting moments life has to offer.  Instead of looking forward to those moments, you often find yourself being held back from those traumatic experiences, regrettably, some of us have more than one, because you tend to relive it or often ask yourself, “Why did this happen to me?”.  I believe this is a question that cannot be answered because our experiences are written to exist long before we are born.  Ultimately, living in a lifeless state can be very dangerous and your mind can easily be attacked by negative thoughts, which may lead to negative people entering your life and/or a decrease in the physical and spiritual realms of your life.  Once you reach this point, it seems as if you are no longer in control of your life, but we should be thankful that is far from the truth.

On the other hand, if you choose not be held hostage by your traumatic experience(s), you have decided to embrace living your new normal or living your life post-trauma.  It is not simple, but if you accept that unexpected situations are destined to happen in your life, it is easier to learn how to adjust to your “new normal”.  Besides accepting the unforeseen in your life, in order to adjust to your new normal, you must be patient.  Patience can be such a difficult habit to form, but it is a reason why it is virtue.  You learn how to trust the process of your life and you learn to relax.  Not only do you learn to trust the process of your life, you begin to trust the decisions you make for yourself because you realize you may not be able to live the life you had before your life changing experience, which is okay.  Living in your new normal is challenging, but challenges and overcoming those challenges build character.  Eventually, you may become more confident, less afraid, and knowledgable about what you can handle, which may come as a surprise!

Living your new normal is a decision that you must make for yourself and for some, it may be one of the hardest decisions that will have to me made in life.  However, I believe it is worth taking a chance by moving forward to experience life because that is exactly what life consists of.  Experiences that you may get yourself involved in, while other times they blindside you, but it is your choice to either let your experience(s) control your life or rise above them and continue living.

**You can read more about patience in my post Patience.


4 thoughts on “Living Your New Normal

  1. I know this all too well. What once broke me down and made me feel worthless has evolved into what has made me the strongest more confident version of myself. Its a choice, I’m glad I chose Life! Thank you for your encouraging words of Wisdom. Happy writing!

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