Having an Optimistic Perception

There are many situations where you may often view as the “glass half-empty” versus the “glass half-full”.  I believe if you continue to look at incidences negatively, eventually you may look at more, if not all, aspects of your life in the same way.  It is not a decision that you consciously make, instead it is a thought process that grows and consumes how you think about yourself and how you view your circumstances in life.  Often times you may be unaware of how your negative perception affects you, the decisions you make, and your relationships with others.  However, the great news is you have control over your perception and it will always be up to you to change it.  Overall, I believe there are at least three ways you can begin to transform your thinking from the negative to the positive, which will change how you go through your daily life and ultimately, how you view your life.

First, recognize and accept that you are a negative thinker, which I discuss in further detail in my post, The Negative Mind.  You will not be able to make any changes to your point of view until you are honest about the negativity you are consumed by.  Once you are honest with yourself, you have to be willing to accept it.  For example, I know I often believe that the “glass is half-empty” when it comes to many things in my life, but I had to ask myself, why do I want to have such a negative view about my life.  I should be thankful and cherish my life and take the circumstances that I face as life’s experiences, good or bad.  It is not as simple to do and thinking in a pessimistic way is much easier due to it being a learned lifestyle, but once I realized and accepted the way I viewed my life, it made sense to begin the work of changing my perception.

Next, you must begin making the change.  Just like breaking any bad habit, it will take much effort and you will have to replace the bad habit with something positive.  Do what puts you in a better mood and start fresh every morning.  Maybe that includes repeating a mantra, listening to uplifting music, journaling, or meditating.  Whatever you think will put you in a better mood about tackling the day, do it and remain consistent!  You will more than likely have to do this throughout the day, so do not give up so easily when obstacles come your way.  We have to face the unforeseeable almost everyday.  Accept that it is apart of life, but that does not have to be your life!

Finally, surround yourself around people who are working towards an optimistic perception as well and people who are naturally optimistic.  People like this are real-life motivators and they are more than likely able to pour some positivity into your life and the more the merrier.  At times, you may question their optimism by wondering if they worry about things and how they always have a smile on their faces.  I believe everyone has doubts, but some people know how to control their thoughts and just leave them there and not allow their thoughts to cloud their life’s choices.  That way, they are able to enjoy their life and it is about time you start doing the same.

Ultimately, having an optimistic perception is not something that you adopt within a few hours.  It is something that takes practice because after all, you are reconditioning your mindset.  However, you have to think about the end result.  You will be able to view life’s circumstances in a positive aspect, plus take in all of the beauty that life has to offer and why would you want to miss out on that!  To me that is freeing and a revelation to new and exciting things that are to come into your life.  Embrace having an optimistic perception, because after all, the glass half-full is more beneficial than having it half-empty.


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