Broken but Hopeful

Have you ever experienced or been in the midst of very difficult obstacles and had no clue how you were going to overcome them?  I am talking grueling and emotional obstacles that you would think you would only see on television or read in a drama filled novel, basically the unimaginable.  How do you overcome those obstacles and have the courage to continue with your life?  You may be asking yourself the very same question right now in the midst of your own obstacle(s) and you cannot envision a time where you will be courageous or have the strength to fight through your life’s current dilemmas.

I know I have asked those questions to myself so many times.  In life you may face unexpected situations that would literally knock you off of your feet and you are left wondering how to recover from the shocks or you may believe that you have been knocked down by an immovable force…permanently and have no way of getting up.  Once your life collides with that issue, the blow may be swift, continuous, long and drawn out, but most of all, it is painful.  You may never be able to describe the amount or the feeling of the pain, but it may be so powerful that you often think about crawling into the fetal position, closing your eyes, and wishing that it all went away, as if it were a really bad dream.  Unfortunately, it never goes away because it is apart of life.  I believe these are the moments that challenge us to become better, more mature, more secure with who we are, and courageous or these moments could easily make us become bitter, reckless with our actions, insecure, and fearful.

When these obstacles present themselves in my pathway, I often envision a fork in the road, never a dead end.  A dead end is exactly what it sounds like.  You may become stuck there and beginning to think of the worst possible outcomes of your situation.  Never convince yourself that you are at a dead end.  At this moment, it is up to you to decide which way you are going to go.  I am very sure this is the time where your intuition begins to speak to you, however, other voices begin to make themselves present as well.  Voices that remind you that you are not smart enough, beautiful enough, you are helpless, and too weak to endure your challenges and you should just give up.  When these other voices begin to speak up, it is up to you to minimize these voices.  This alone is a challenging process, so I will not go further into it at this time.  However, if you are able to accept that you are in a tough period in your life, but know you are destined for better, that is when your hope begins to play an influential part in your life during this time.

Hope is the desire or the anticipation for something to happen, in these cases the anticipation is for good things to occur.  In my opinion, you should have more than just the desire or the anticipation…you have to believe that it will happen, even if it is hard for you to grasp.  There are so many quotes and affirmations you can find online and on social media, perhaps choosing one specifically for you will help you to begin to believe that your good, your better, and your best is coming.  Even when you are going through the toughest times in your life and you feel broken, smile. Encourage yourself, do what makes you feel happy, and make sure you are in an environment where you will be able to thrive and focus on how to work through your obstacles and envision the end result.  Although, you may not be able to discern exactly what the end may look like for you, you must have hope that it is better than what you are facing at that very moment.

Ultimately, you may feel broken physically, mentally, even spiritually…I can attest to all three, but I can also confirm that you must hold on and even while I type this, I am giving myself the same advice.  Fight through it, even when you feel like you have been beaten down and dismembered. I know I must remain hopeful in the midst of being broken, do you?


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