It is very difficult to be patient in a society that is now developed to have everything at your fingertips as quickly as possible.  From texting, pictures, locations, food, even down to your favorite television shows, why be patient?  If you have the means to pay for it, why not get it when you want it?  Unfortunately, we know that everything in life is not readily available when we would like for it to be.  Basically, everything does not evolve around our timing.

I believe patience and timing go hand in hand.  It would be difficult to have one without the other if you begin to think about it.  For example, I know I am not the only person who remembers watching the clock to get out of class and start my weekend…honestly, I am quite certain that some of us do the very same thing on our jobs!  However, watching the clock does not make time go by any faster or fulfill your wish to be free from the demands of your job or class.  Time is indefinite and will always continue at its own pace, whether we want it to or not, so this is when the character trait of patience should be implemented, but is simply difficult at times to practice.

The example of time on your job or class was a very simple way of looking at patience and time, but let us think further into patience and time when it comes to life’s events, especially the unexpected events.  What do you do then?  Wait in vain?  Take matters into your own hands, even when you are unsure of the outcome?  Blame others for your current state and demand that they are the ones to fix the issue, which we know is impossible because all of it leads to things that are beyond your control.  In my opinion, that is all patience is…waiting on things that are beyond your control.  Patience, at times, can be painful to accept and exhibit.  Yet, I believe it is an important action to practice.  I believe practicing patience will build your character and reveal many unknowns about yourself.

While practicing patience, you will have to ask yourself one simple question.  What is it that you can control in your specific situation?  Once you determine that, next you will have to figure out what you are willing to do to ensure that you have done everything that you are capable of doing, given your situation, to draw closer to your desired outcome.  After all is done, there is nothing else that you can do, accept allow time to take over and take advantage of the time to focus on other hobbies and responsibilities.  There will be no need to stare at the clock and wait for the phone call or a decision to be made.  Leave it alone and let time work on its own.  Essentially, for myself, practicing patience has led me to acknowledge what I am willing to take control of, accommodate, and what I believe is worth waiting on.  This has helped me with my patience, but does not mean that I am never an impatient person.  That would be more of a perfection and a perfectionist, I am not.

Overall, I do not believe that patience renders us into perfect people, but better people.  You begin to enter a state of relaxation, perhaps you have a moment in time where you focus on something else and have a productive day, and you take pride in what you were able to accomplish, instead of giving all of your energy, which may turn into negative energy, into something that is not meant for you to control.  Allow time to take its course, because after all, it is never late nor does it never arrive.  It may not be on your time, but if you are willing to be patient, it will be on time.


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