Digging Up Your Root

Okay…okay.  You are trying your best to be a positive thinker, release your past, and chip away at that boulder that you have been carrying around for who knows how long.  It can be a little difficult at times…trust me…I know.  Although all of this work is not the end to facing challenging circumstances in life, it is shaping the beginning for a new you to be better equipped to face all of the unknown situations that you may stumble upon while on your journey, and in order to effectively work on that new you, you must get to the root or the source.  The root to all of the negative thoughts, daddy or mommy issues, self-esteem issues, fear, or whatever it may be is keeping you grounded in that negative space.  Now is the moment to get those gloves on and pick up a shovel, because it is time to dig up that root.

How do you begin Digging Up Your Root you ask?  If you have already begun working on loosening yourself from negativity, your past, and your fears, please acknowledge that and be proud of yourself.  It took me awhile to realize the transition I was making because it kind of just…happened.  Yet, I am asking you to stop and evaluate where you were and where you are now at this very moment.  Did you just get excited, was it a feeling of happiness, or maybe it quickly faded because your mind started to become flooded with all of the what if’s and fears of the unknown?  That happened to me as well, then I had to stop myself and remember that I am in control of what I think.

Eventually, I had to continue the process of using A Positive Mindset in order to move forward.  It was as if I was doing all of the things mentioned above simultaneously, but it was and is still working.  Then it came to me, I needed to go deeper than where I was at the moment because most of the things that I was working on, began from the outside.  What about my inside, where all of my issues stemmed from?  That was a scary thought.  Where did I plant myself and what type of soil was I in?  Those were the questions I had to ask myself.  After all, being the visual person that I am, I pictured myself as a flower and at the time I was wilted.  Withering away because I was allowing myself to not be fed the nutrients I needed in order to grow, bloom, and flourish.  Instead, my root was cracked and brittle, while my soil was dry and lacked substance.

However, being the beautiful flower I know that I am, I had to do something about my root and soil.  I could not be nourished in the environment I was currently in because that would only make matters worse.  Instead, I decided to make a change.  I decided to change my environment and my environment was my soil.  I slowly began removing myself from the things, people, and circumstances that were not enriching to my life and more importantly, my growth.  While removing myself from the soil that I have been grounded in for so long, I began to feel vulnerable and exposed.  Where was I supposed to go, who was supposed to trust, and overall, where would I plant my exposed root?

Eventually, I knew Good Soil was what I needed and Good Soil was something that I was sure to find, but at that time, I had to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin…vulnerable, exposed to the world, but in a place where I was able to begin focusing on my root and nourish it with the love that it desperately needed.  Do not be afraid of the feelings of vulnerability and exposure.  In this state, you are able to examine your root or source to focus on you and you alone and make the decision on what it is you really need most.  Self-love, self-respect, self-admiration, self-peace, or anything that strengthens you from within.  This is the time where you begin to renew your root and prepare yourself for Good Soil.


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