A Positive Mindset

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  -Author unknown.

Changing your mindset from negative thoughts to positive thoughts are often difficult, at least for me they were.  Actually, I still have my moments when I allow the false sense of being afraid, anxious, or worried take control, but temporarily because I know it is not real and it is an emotion that I can control.  The most powerful thing you possess is your mind, so why not use it towards something positive.  For some, that is a serious challenge, but I am new believer that you can truly change the way you think.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Negative Mind and how powerful it was in controlling and masking the real you.  I asked my readers to take off their mask and discover the real them and find the root.  Don’t worry, Digging Up Your Root will be next week’s topic.  Yet, I know for a fact that you cannot face the very thing that has been weighing you down unless you have some positivity in you and around you.  I decided to become a positive a thinker because I was tired of being negative all the time and most importantly, I dreaded how it made me feel.  I was exhausted physically and mentally, I was becoming my own personal bully.  At that point, I had enough.

I began my positive ways by simply saying positive things about myself.  Things I knew were true.  For instance, I acknowledged that I have a beautiful smile and gorgeous hair, which is my crown and glory, so no I am not screaming “I am not my hair” because it is definitely apart of me!  On the other hand, I still had difficulty with acknowledging that I was smart or beautiful.  Beauty, to me at that time, was definitely stereotypical and defined by mainstream media, which I was not, therefore, I did not view myself as a beautiful person.  However, despite my ill thinking, I tried saying positive things about myself when I got ready for the day.  Here I told myself I was pretty and smart, even when I didn’t believe it.  Sometimes these are the actions that you must take.  Due to telling yourself the exact opposite for so long, you have been conditioned to think all of the negativity about you, your situations, or others.  This is the beginning of the change, which leads to progress.

The more I began saying it, it felt less uncomfortable.  It got to the point that I began to apply saying positive things about myself or my circumstances in other areas of my life.  I still did not believe it, or at least that is what I thought.  Just like your negative thoughts are unconscious, your positive thoughts are too, but sometimes some of us just have to work a little harder to get there.  As I continued with saying positive things about myself, one day while having a conversation with a friend, I said, “I am beautiful!” with assurance!  I could not believe what I just said, so I had to stop and ask myself, “Did I just say I was beautiful?” and it was as if my friend heard my thoughts and answered, “Yes you did!”.  I was so surprised.  Positive self-affirmation really works.

Of course I did not only think negatively about my looks and intelligence, I had other things too and I am still working them, but I am writing to share with you that a positive mindset is possible and necessary.  It not only changes your mind about things, but makes you have a positive attitude.  Once that changes, everyone can see that and that will reassure you that you are progressing!


2 thoughts on “A Positive Mindset

  1. Changing your mind and focus on positive thoughts after beating yourself up for so long is hard… but possible! I love this post. And even when we get to the point of positive thinking, we continuously need reminders such as this to keep pushing forward with positivity!


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