Challenge #14…Trusting

Trust Your Joy! Good read.


Choose your JOY by trusting! Trusting in the midst of change is probably one of the most difficult beliefs.  Change is inevitable when reaching for success.  Your atmosphere may change, your friends or your networks may change, and most importantly your beliefs and values may change. The great thing about JOY is that it won’t change…naturally people and situations change…but you must embrace and cultivate your JOY. Before you know it, you will begin to trust your JOY…it will become a natural choice.

Your challenge for today is to choose your JOY by trusting!

Trust that your wants, needs and desires will all be fulfilled…trust yourself and your purpose.  Listen to your inner voice that will lead your path…trust your instincts!

Take a moment tonight to write down your needs that will get you to the next step in your goals.  What will help to push you to the next…

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3 thoughts on “Challenge #14…Trusting

  1. Love the post girlie! So glad I didn’t give up on finding true friendship either. God led me to you and several other beautiful ppl both inside and out! Muah!


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