Finding You

Recently, I was invited as a guest speaker on the 365 GirlWorld Radio podcast for their “Inspiration Tuesday” segment, and there I discussed Finding You.  After the discussion, I decided to go further into the topic of Finding You because, honestly, this is exactly where I am in my life right now.

As I stated in the show, my posts are about experiences that I have gone through or am currently going through, so this post is definitely no exception.  However, I am so excited to share my experience with Finding Me, mainly because it is an ongoing process that I am currently in Right Now!  I mentioned in the podcast that here on my blog, I am able to be real and transparent and share things about myself, that I am comfortable with sharing of course, in hopes that I offer some support or perhaps guidance to someone else who may feel alone or lost in their current situation.  All I can say is…you are not alone!

Finding Me was something that I realized I needed to do.  It went beyond my choice in career and the kind of man I wanted to share my life with.  It was more so about the inner me.  Trust me, when your inner you is imbalanced things on the outside will begin to be imbalanced as well, almost to the point where you are unable to control what happens to you and once that happens, it seems as if you are thrown into a pit.  At least, that is how I felt.  So what did I decide to do?  It was no way on earth I could have climbed out of the dark and endless pit by myself.  I was not strong enough mentally, spiritually, or physically.  In the midst of being sad and having my view diminished by my tears, I remembered I always had help to get out of any situation.  I desperately asked for direction…really I begged for direction.  I no longer wanted to be where I was and the person I was due to my environment because I knew that was not me.  I think we all know we have the ability to be greater than what we display, but due to comfort we stay the same.  However, I was told recently, that your comfort can also be your danger and that was exactly the situation for me.

Begging for direction was not a one time deal.  I consistently asked for direction and I wanted to desperately be revealed who I was supposed to be…my purpose.  The more I inquired and prayed, things started to happen.  Good and bad things, but it all shaped me into this woman who is currently typing this post.  I began my journey.  A journey that started off extremely rocky.  It was as if I was on a dark path with no shoes, tripping over those rocks that I recognized from the boulder I destroyed (Chipping Away Your Boulder).  Nevertheless, I kept walking with tears in my eyes, but slowly wiping them away from because I wanted to see.  I needed to see where I was headed.  Some of us always have to know what is going to happen because it is a matter of us controlling our environment.  Well, on this journey to Finding You, you will not be able control many things, except your choice.  Your choice to pursue the journey or to give up because it seems too dark ahead and you have no idea what lies ahead.

I would ask that you trust the journey of Finding You.  Stay in prayer and in touch with yourself and most importantly, find support.  Not just your friends that you go out with on the weekends or have mimosas with on a Sunday afternoon.  I mean the type of support that is willing to allow you to cry and express yourself in a judgment free zone and still find you to be beautiful because they realize what is happening to you.  Either because they have begun their personal journey or they are interested in doing the same.  Trust me, you will need the support and do not be afraid to be vulnerable.  It is something about being vulnerable that frightens me though and makes me feel weak.  However, I noticed that in my journey to Finding Me, there will be moments where I am uncomfortable because think about it, the truth is uncomfortable and scary.  When you are on your journey to Finding You, your past may come up or there may be reminders of who you used to be, where you used to go, and what you used to do, but it is okay.  Do not dwell in your past (Releasing the Past) and trust the process to Finding You.  Remember, there is The One in front of you guiding you so just know, He has you.

Hey guys!  Here is the link for the podcast.  Please listen and I hope you enjoy!!!


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