Happiness vs. Joy by Coach Yolanda Gray

Here is just a little something extra l read that resonated with me. Happiness vs. Joy. Do you know the difference and are you living in a state of Joy? Read and find out! Enjoy!


True joy is not a by-product of getting what we want; if you

aren’t happy now, getting that person, place or thing may

bring happy, but it won’t last. I always thought if only I

could….have this, that whatever (or whoever), then, and only

then would I really be happy.

But no, it either turned out to be a disaster or left me wanting

for more or different.

It was only by the long, difficult process of allowing God to

transform my thinking and become clear about my core

values—my true self– did I begin to experience fulfillment

and joy.

The key to freedom and joyous living is finding out those

values that are most important to you and living by them.

When your life matches your core values, you are living

authentically, no matter what is happening externally.

It isn’t easy, but that need to be real is always…

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